Babymoon in Hawaii

What is a Babymoon you ask? It’s that one trip you take before the baby comes and turns your life around! It’s usually a little before the no-more travel mark and you go and enjoy yourself to the fullest! From traveling with morning sickness and turning into a lobster, I managed to have the most beautiful trip with Kyle while Oliver was peacefully cooking in my tummy.  We had decided to go to Hawaii! I had never been and Kyle was so excited to make me discover! We went to Honolulu and Maui. Maui was my favorite as it is less touristic and you really get the island experience. Exactly what I needed. Despite my constant morning sickness throughout my pregnancy, I was impressed with how much we were able to get done.

Kyle had planned it all. When we landed in Maui, I remember the big “Aloha” sign at the airport and there was a car waiting for us with a special lei for me. In Hawaii it is considered impolite to give a closed lei to a pregnant woman, bad luck for the unborn child so it’s open and beautiful.

We arrived at the hotel and the setting was stunning, flowers, an insane view and food! I couldn’t believe my eyes and was so grateful for how Kyle was making this so special for me, for us.

We went by the pool, where I turned as red as my bathing suit (This photo of me was captured before I turned into a lobster) and figured I probably should stay in the shade for the rest of the day. We just lounged, ate, had fun, slept, cuddled and just enjoyed the breathtaking sight of Maui.

The Babymoon is really that time that I had to myself and Kyle knowing our lives would never be the same, I was about to be six months pregnant and I thought I had sort of an idea of what it meant to bring a child to the world and what would my life look like. Now that I look back, I certainly didn’t.

It is much better and crazier than I ever imagined. I love this quote “being a mother is learning about strengths that you didn’t know you had and dealing with fears that you didn’t know existed.” – Linda Wooten

The ocean was right by our hotel and snorkeling was on the menu! My father and I used to swim in Spain and go pick sea urchins, he’d open them up on a little rock and we’d just eat them!

Despite my two parents and Kyle being extremely comfortable in the ocean, I’m not there yet but  Kyle and I went for it.  I realized that the water wasn’t as calm as I wanted it to be, there were a bit of rocks, lots of fish and my big tummy was taking all of my view.

Listen, if you’d ask me what my comfort zone with snorkeling would be, I’d just say that I want to look at the beautiful sand and I’d still find something super interesting to look at! Fortunately, he pushed me to go for it and we saw gorgeous huge sea turtles. Just like the ones in this picture!

Once I was breathing and calming my mind, it became very surreal, the music of the ocean, the courant carrying me, and Oliver in my belly. I could feel him move and my heart was full and emotional.

Because that wasn’t enough adventure for a pregnant girl, Kyle desperately wanted to have me experience a helicopter ride!

I had never been on one and I’m not quite sure if I was more nervous about no being able to pee for a whole hour or just flying in a helicopter.

It turned out beautiful, Hawaii is splendid! I absolutely recommend to do it if you can! Here are some pictures to put in words that I can not find.

Kyle and I enjoyed the rest of our trip with romantic dinners and lots of rest. We were definitely to do so because sleep deprivation is real!

We would love to bring Oliver at some point! I mean technically, he’s already been there!




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