Some things I didn’t know about babies until I HAD ONE

Some things I didn’t know about babies until I HAD ONE

I didn’t know anything about babies before I got pregnant. They are these interesting creatures full of mystery. They need us to be there for them and I’ve learned little things about babies that has kept me sane in my new mommy role. I figured I’d share them with you and I also found this amazing website called Think Baby, they answer lots and lots of questions to very interesting topics. Click here


The first thing that happens after a baby is born is skin to skin; “the golden hour.” The nurses put your baby on your chest as soon as the baby takes her first breath. it is such an amazing, powerful bounding moment. I was told at birthing class that if you put a baby that was just born on your tummy they would find their way up to your chest, slowly, but their instinct would take them there! I thought that was completely fascinating. Skin to skin is very important for the baby’s development, mommy and daddy! Your baby will recognize your scent, listen to your heartbeat and literally needs skin to skin to grow. Mommy,if you plan on breastfeeding, your body will also release hormones while the golden hour to let your boobies know that it’s time to get to work! Daddy, it’s so important for you too to get that skin to skin, the moment your life will change forever.


Your babe on the first day is probably just sleeping and resting quietly on your chest. I remember the nurses that kept telling me “your baby will be very different tomorrow.” I didn’t understand what that meant until Oliver was a completely new baby… indeed! holly S***!

He was crying every time I’d put him down even though he was swaddled and I was just so exhausted, I didn’t even think that perhaps babies didn’t want to be put down in the first place. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him. I would ask the nurse to help me and she’d just attempt to burp him a little. He’d quiet down for a few minutes and as soon as she’d leave the room…he’d cry again. I was lethargic and delusional. The next morning, another nurse came in and EXPLAINED to me that they crave skin to skin even more on the second day and some babies really want to stay close to you, at all times. It’s like a personality, a need. All babies are different and Oliver was what they call a “cuddler” ┬áSo the nurse said I should’ve unswaddle him and put him on my chest. I thought that would’ve been a helpful tip if I had known. On the second day they can also get hungry but my milk hadn’t came in yet…I gave an organic formula that the hospital had provided. Because they’re little tummy is so small at birth, they only need a very small amount of food. I thought that Oliver was just hungry and that’s why he wouldn’t settle but I learned even later on, that it’s not always about food and we tend to just feed them right away when they just want to be soothed.


Here’s the funny thing, if your baby has a good initial weight, in France, we don’t wake the baby up to feed at night, we let them wake up on their own. I think it’s a preference. Although I have read more than once that a newborn can experience not being able to get all the energy needed to wake up and let you know they’re hungry, especially if formula fed as it’s heavier on their tummy. (no that’s not SIDS) Oliver woke up to let me know he was hungry that’s for damn sure haha, I do wonder if he kept waking up so often at some point because I was waking him up every three hours. Here’s where I had no choice anyway; he was 6lbs 6oz so I had to wake him so he can sustain his weight.

I found out way later that in France they some didn’t do it and I do wonder if that’s the reason why some French babies sleep through the night earlier. . I swear, I don’t have one French mom girlfriend that has a baby that wakes up…I literally don’t get it..wwaahhhh! Anyway, Oliver was tiny and surely he woke up on his own but they are times where I think I could’ve let him be. Long story short, be prepared to feed often! It is probably the most challenging part of it the first month. The good news is as soon as your baby gains his initial birth weight (babies lose weight the first few days and it’s normal!) you won’t have to wake them anymore!


I remember paying very close attention to the whole swaddling business at the hospital. It definitely took a couple tries and when your baby is screaming, it’s not easy. Oliver hated having his arms swaddled so I’d keep them out but I didn’t know what they get startled by their little arms so it wakes them up…


Cluster-wh-what? Literally had no idea, no one told that a baby can eat hours and hours within the first few weeks after being born. It’s a mix of growth spurt with “holly Molly” I love milk! so they eat non-stop. I just remember being glued to the couch for so long and now that I look back, it actually went by really fast which grounds me today to really enjoy every moment with Oliver.


I was so excited for Oliver’s first bath because I remembered my dad always saying how I loved bath time and seeing him bathe my little sister. It is just an amazing bonding time and babies love it (usually). I found out that you can bathe them once their umbilical cord fell off and is all healed. make sure you have everything ready and set to bathe and dry your baby. I would set up towel, cream, diaper, PJ so it’s all at reach of a hand. Don’t ever leave your babe unattended.


I had no idea babies had soft spots on top of their head. it’s so a baby can go through the birth canal! nature is really well made. You’re not supposed to touch it and I was def paranoid and quite stressed every time I may have held him a little too hard…but you know, first mom type of thing! If it makes you nervous when people hold your newborn, just let them know and always ask people to wash their hands before holding your baby!


Another fascinating aspect of babies that I learned was that they don’t breathe through the mouth the first few months! only through the nose!!! isn’t that crazy?


It’s funny how I learned about the not so fun stuff later on! I guess it’s a good thing….or not….because when someone told me about sleep regression, I was going to have a panic attack! I felt like everything I was teaching Oliver as far as sleeping didn’t matter…but of course it does! Teaching healthy sleep habits that also work for you is vital for the household.

Sleep regression is when a baby goes through series of change in their sleep cycle and usually wakes up x2 as more. The first major sleep regression is when they go from deep sleep to light sleep instead of just deep sleep only. So until their little brain processes, they tend to wake up when light sleep comes. The app The wonder weeks is amazing for the few first months to understand what’s going on. Click here to get it.

Also, if you’re baby is a little older and you’re curious about sleep training, here’s how I gently sleep trained Oliver. Click here.




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